Ajax Skating Club Rules

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Code of Conduct

All skaters must comply with the Skate Canada Central Ontario Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct of the Ajax Community Centre.

Skaters representing the ASC at any function are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectable manner.
All Club members must abide by the rules and regulations of the Ajax Community Centre, which includes NO SMOKING ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING.

Session Rules

1. General

  • Skaters in lessons and/or having their solo played have the right of way.
  • Pro requests will be played in the order received.
  • Pro requests can only be made for a skater during a private lesson, 1 per 15 minute lesson.Freeskate

2. Sessions

  • Solos will be played in the order of the solo list provided for each session, continuing each week with the next skater on the list.
  • Pro requests will be played as requested.
  • Dances will only be played by Pro request during a lesson.

3. Dance Session

  • The dance play list for each session will be followed.
  • No freeskating is permitted unless the skater is in a lesson.
  • Solos will not be played.

4. Stroking Sessions

  • Lessons are permitted during a coached stroking session only at the end of the ice.

5. Skating Skills Sessions

  • Skills tapes will be played according to the play list for the session.

6. Guest Skating

  • All guest skaters must sign in and pay at the office (if open) or the music room prior to going on the ice.
  • Music for guest skaters will only be played if the solo list for the session has been played once.
  • Guest skating will only be permitted on sessions that are not full. Full sessions will be posted on the ASC bulletin board.
  • Guest skating is only permitted on sessions for which the skater is qualified to skate on.
  • Out of club guest skaters will not have their music played.

Safety and Security

  1. No socializing, games or horseplay on or off the ice.
  2. No gum, food or drinks (other than water) on the ice.
  3. No walkmans.
  4. No standing in the middle of the ice.
  5. Skaters and lessons should not be confined to one area of the ice.
  6. Skaters are not permitted on the ice until the Zamboni doors are closed.
  7. Skaters are not permitted on the ice without a qualified coach accompanying them.
  8. Parents and spectators are not permitted in any area with direct access to the ice surface.
  9. No interference with coaches or skaters during the session.

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