New to STARSkate

Our STARSkate program operates in a different format from our CanSkate program. In STARSkate, skaters work with one of our professional coaches, and work individually.

How to join ASC’s STARSkate program

Step 1:

Choose a coach
Each skater who registers for a STARSkate must also have selected a coach for private lessons. For more details on how to choose a coach, please see our STARSkate Coaches page. Your coach will recommend the number of private lessons they will offer your skater each week. These private lesson fees are not included in session registration fees, and are paid to the coach directly on a regular basis.  A private lesson is usually 15 minutes long.

Step 2:

Register for your STARSkate sessions
Your skater’s coach will recommend the number of sessions your skater should register for.

Step 3:

Be sure your skater has beginner figure skates
To be successful in our STARSkate program, your skater will need a pair of new or used beginner figure skates. These skates are different than the basic white skates sold in sporting good stores; they have a specialized blade and toe pick, and a proper figure skate will have ample support for jumps. Your skater will not be able to learn the necessary skating skills, spins and jumps in regular white skates.

Beginner figure skates are available at several figure skating stores in the area or used at one of our Skate and Dress Sales. Your coach can give you more information about where to shop and what to look for when purchasing your skates.

More questions?

We’re happy to help and answer any questions you might have. Please drop us a line at or talk to any of our coaches.