Hockey/Ringette Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQ
Suitability of Program
Skate Canada Fee
Withdrawing from the program or transferring to another class
Wait List
Parent Roles
Equipment Requirements
Child Tax Credits

Registration FAQ:

I've never registered with ASC before. How do I create an account?

All skaters must register with ASC in order to be insured while on the ice.  Please come to the rink by 6:30 so we can register new skaters before they get on the ice.  Meet us in our office above Pad 2, or in the change rooms in the hall between pads 1 and 2.

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Suitability of the Program:

Is Hockey/Ringette only geared only to hockey players?


Does my child have to have previous skating experience before signing up for Hockey/Ringette?

Yes. Hockey/Ringette is not a learn-to-skate program. Skaters must be able to skate forwards and backwards, and be able to stop independently (without using the boards). Any skaters with this skating experience will do well in the program.

My children have different levels of skating experience. Can they all participate in the same Hockey/Ringette session?

We accept skaters from age 5 through 15 in an effort to allow siblings at different skating levels to participate in the same session. However, all participants must have the ability to skate forwards and backwards and stop independently. Depending on the number of skaters in a session, they will be placed in smaller groups according to age and/or ability so that coaches are able to work with skaters of a similar skill level.

If my skater is not advanced enough for Hockey/Ringette, what should they register for?

ASC offers CanSkate for skaters from age 5-15; these lessons serve as an excellent base for developing the skating skills required to participate in Hockey/Ringette. Further information about the CanSkate program can be found by going to CanSkate Program page

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Skate Canada Fee:

I paid a Skate Canada membership fee when my child joined the program. Will I have to pay it again?

The Skate Canada fee is an annual membership and is only valid from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the following year, regardless of when you join the program. The fee is required by Skate Canada and is not retained by the club. This fee is non-refundable.


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Parent Roles: 

Can I drop my child off for classes and leave the arena? 

No. A parent or other responsible adult must be available in Rink 2 during the sessions. 

Can I stand on the ice with my child if he/she is uncomfortable? 

No. For insurance purposes, only Skate Canada members are allowed on the ice. 


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Equipment Requirements: 

Do I have to buy the skates/helmet/equipment/stick or other hockey gear, or are they available for rent?

All participants must provide their own equipment – CSA approved hockey helmet and full hockey gear that includes a neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, gloves and a stick. Mouth guards are recommended but not required. 

If I forget a helmet, are there helmets available that my skater can borrow?

No. All helmets must fit properly to provide adequate protection and ASC does not provide helmets. 

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Child Tax Credits Receipt: 

How do I get my tax receipt? 

At the end of our skating year we will tabulate attendance for the Hockey/Ringette sessions and you may request a receipt at that time.