STARSkate Fees, Policies & Refund Information

Our Program

STARSkate For our skaters who have successfully progressed through our CanSkate program, our club offers the STARSkate figure skating program. To participate in STARSkate, skaters select a coach and, under their guidance, will develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. STARSkaters progress through an increasingly complex series of skills via Skate Canada’s nationally standardized testing system

Important note

By registering online all skaters/parents agree to all ASC policies, Skater’s Code of Conduct and Athlete’s Release as outlined in the online waiver prior to registration.
Schedule is subject to revision based on skater registration should the ASC Board of Directors deem necessary.  

Requirements /Policies

  • LevelRequirements
    Group B Passed level 6 of CanSkate and have hired a private coach.
    Group A:
    Must have passed all Preliminary tests.of the following complete tests. 
  • No Make ups for Missed Classes: Skaters sign up for a specific session and cannot be accommodated on another session if they have to miss a day for any reason.
  • Cancelled Classes: ASC cannot make up a class or provide a refund if there is a cancellation due to severe weather or other circumstances beyond the control of ASC.
  • Refund Policy: See details of our refund policy below. 

Skate Canada Membership Fees

When you sign up for a skating program at our club, you are required to also become a member of Skate Canada. This annual $35 fee is valid from Sept. 1 2014 to Aug. 31 2015 (you will only pay it once during a season, no matter how many CanSkate or other sessions you register for).  It includes insurance coverage, along with access to all Skate Canada programs.

For more information about Skate Canada, visit

Addtional Fees

****In addition to the lesson fees shown below, each participant must pay:

  • $35 Skate Canada membership fee, payable once per skating season
  • $25 Administration fee, payable once per skating season
  • $40 Skater Development Fee

****In addition to fees shown above, skaters/families have the option to volunteer on the ice and off the ice in order to opt out of the following fees:

  • $125 Volunteer Fee for parents who aren't able to volunteer 20 hours during the 2015-2016 season
  • $100 PA Fee for skaters who aren't able to PA for 20 hours on CanSkate Sessions during the 2015-2016 season

Lesson fees cover ice time, group coaching (where applicable), and H.S.T.  All program fees are eligible for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.

To Register

Registration: All participants must register online at, but will have the option of either paying:

  • Online:  Pay by Visa or Mastercard
  • Offline:  Pay by cash/cheque (payable to ASC).  ASC will not be accepting post-dated cheques this year for installment payments.  Instead, we will accept a VOID cheque and will electronically debit your account according to the Payment Plan Option (session fees are divided into 6 monthly payments starting September 14, 2015.) – Applicants can choose to either pay the complete fee at registration OR pay in installments.

Unused credit notes: Previous members with credit notes must contact the club at and president@ajaxskatingclub.caprior to registering, and ask to have the credit applied to their account.  Allow 3 days for a response.

Lesson fees will be pro-rated for late registrations every four weeks from start of session.

NSF Fees - $25 fee will be charged for NSF transactions.

Tax Credit Receipts

When you register, you will receive a receipt by email. This can be used for your records. Additionally, if you log into the website and select “My Account’ in the top right corner and select “My Order History” you will see any eligible tax receipts for each tax year. Please note: The tax receipts will be issued in the name of the person who made the payment for each participant enrolled in the ASC programs.

Guest Skating, Off-Session Lessons, Make-Up Sessions

  • A “guest skater” is an ASC skater coming on the ice on a day that they are not registered to skate on or a skater who is not registered with the ASC.
  • Guest skating fees are $20.00 for ASC members and $25.00 for non-ASC members. All guest skaters must purchase a guest skating pass from the club office in advance of the session. Passes are to be given to the coach when entering the ice.
  • Guest skating will only be permitted on sessions that are not full. Full sessions will be posted on the ASC bulletin board.
  • Solo music will not be played for a guest skater until after all registered skaters have had their music played once in rotation.
  • Out of club guest skaters will not have their music played.
  • Off-session lessons are ONLY permitted if pre-arranged between the coach and skater. The skater may only remain on the ice for a 5-minute warm-up before the lesson, and must leave the ice immediately after the lesson; otherwise he or she is required to pay a guest skating fee. It is the coach’s responsibility to enforce this.
  • Skating down one level (i.e. Advanced skating on Senior sessions, Seniors skating on Junior sessions) is permitted, provided all other rules for music and guest skating are met.
  • Make-up sessions are only granted to those skaters that have their regularly scheduled session cancelled due to a test day (or other special Club event). Make-up sessions must be taken within one week of the cancelled session.

Guest skating passes may be purchased at the Club office during regular office hours.
ASC Member: 1 pass for $20.00 or 5 passes for $80.00
Non-Member: 1 pass for $25.00
NOTE: There is a maximum of 10 guest skates per skater, per season.



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