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About Us

The Ajax Skating Club is a non-profit corporation operated on behalf of members by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

The Ajax Skating Club is a non-profit organization, sanctioned by Skate Canada that is dedicated to
providing an opportunity for the community to participate in skating through encouragement, support
and training with the expertise of a professional coaching staff, so that all can achieve their personal
goals in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

The mandate of the Ajax Skating Club is to:

  • Encourage the instruction, practice, enjoyment and advancement of its members in all aspects of skating;
  • Create a positive atmosphere in which a sense of commitment, cooperation, responsibility and good sportsmanship is fostered; and
  • Be a responsible, participating member of the Skate Canada Skating communities. 

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The Ajax Skating Club offers Skate Canada approved instructional and competitive programs. All programs are taught by professional coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).


A learn to skate program for children 3 and up who have not skated before. Basic skills will be introduced, stressing basic movement on the ice and focusing on FUN! This half-hour program is run with professional and amateur coaches conducting the full half-hour. A CSA Certified hockey helmet is mandatory.


A learn-to-skate program designed for children 5 years and up that focuses on fun and participation while progressing through 7 different levels of skating skills. Each session consists of a warm up, a 30 minute group lesson time, group activity time and a cool down.  A CSA Certified hockey helmet is mandatory.

Adult/Teen CanSkate

This program takes all of the elements of our Canskate and Starskate programs and combines them in a format appropriate for our adult skaters. It is recommended that individuals aged 15 or older who are learning to skate register in this program, rather than in CanSkate program. Professional Coaches provide group lessons during this session. Helmets are mandatory for skaters who are just learning, or who have not passed the equivalent of CanSkate level 5. 

Elite CanSkate

This program is a continuation of the learn-to-skate program that is designed for the more advanced CanSkater. Skaters must have completed the CanSkate Stage 4 badge to qualify and even though private lessons are not mandatory it is strongly recommended. The program consists of  a 15 minute coach led warm-up with the Junior skaters (first 15 minutes) and a 15 minute coach led group badge lesson (last 15 minutes). During non group lesson times skaters are expected to work on their own or with other skaters on what they have learned during coach lesson times.  A CSA Certified hockey helmet is mandatory for those who have not passed level 5.

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Hockey and Ringette Skating Skills

This program focuses on specific skating skills for hockey and ringette and is coached by professional Skate Canada coaches. Lessons emphasize balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. The program will also help to increase the length of stride as well as the efficiency of forward and backward skating. Please note: This is NOT a learn-to-skate program. Skaters must be able to skate forwards/backwards and stop independently. A CSA Certified hockey helmet is mandatory.


Skaters completing the CanSkate Program will enter STARSkate Program at Junior and progress to Senior and Advanced. Qualifications for these sessions are evaluated throughout the season. At these levels, the sessions will comprise of a combination of Stroking, Skating Skills, Freeskate and Dance.

STARSkate Off-Ice Conditioning Program

Off-ice training will include core and strength training, aerobic/anaerobic training, flexibility, movement, nutrition and mental training.  Incorporating regular off-ice training into an athlete's annual training plan will help ensure that our skaters are doing all that they can to achieve their own level of personal excellence – in whatever Skate Canada program they are enrolled.  Open to all STARSkaters.

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