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2023 – 2024 AGM &

Awards Presentation


Attention: All 2023 – 2024 Members of the Ajax Skating Club


   The Ajax Skating Club will be holding our Annual General Meeting and Awards Presentation on Wednesday May 15th, 23 at

   6:15 p.m. (It is expected to be over by 7:00 p.m. for those of you with skaters participating in CanSkate on this day)


   The meeting will take place in the Commodore Room at the Ajax Community Centre, 75 Centennial Rd, Ajax, across from the       

   Skating Club office.


   The Annual General meeting is an opportunity for current members to share in the decision making of the Ajax Skating Club and     

   drive the future of the club.  This meeting is critical for the ongoing operations of the club.  Please make time to attend this   

   important meeting. 


   Voting will take place during the meeting for the Club’s Board of Directors.  This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the Club.     The Club relies heavily on the support of our volunteers and cannot continue without our members supporting the Board of   

   Directors at this meeting.  This year we will be electing for the following positions:


Treasurer (2-Year term)

Secretary (2-year term)

Director at Large (1-year term)


   If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else, please complete a nomination form and submit it to the Ajax Skating Club

   office by May 7, 2024.  Nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meeting are not accepted. 


  Our Annual Awards Presentation will also take place during this meeting.  Awards include CanSkate & Pre-Can awards,

  StarSkate Awards, Program Assistant Awards, Coaching Awards, and the Veronica MacIntosh Memorial Award.


   Thank you,

   Ajax Skating Club Board of Directors


2024 Club Competition Results


Waltz Jump – Star 1                               Waltz Jump – Star 2                                    Flip Jump – Star 3 – 4

Abigail Ntow-Asamoah (Gold)                 Cate Wright                  (Silver)                     Jessica Ling – Star 3             (Silver)

Ana Micanovic    (Participation)               CeCe Dasent-Smith     (Gold)                       Sara Lupsasca – Star 4        (Gold)

Avalyn Rajabi      (Participation)               Marianna De Rosa       (Bronze)

Danielle Bronte-Tinkew (Bronze)             

Freya Guarrasi    (Silver)                                 

Sarah Thomas    (Participation)


 Star 2 Programs                                                            Star 3 and 4 Programs

Cassandra Brisson       (Bronze)                                      Jessica Ling  -  Star 3         (Gold)

Cate Wright                  (Silver)                                         Sara Lupsasca. -  Star 4         (Gold)

CeCe Dasent-Smith     (Silver)


Star 1 and 2 – Longest Spiral

Spiral – Star 1                                                                 Spiral – Star 2

Abigail Ntow-Asamoah   (Gold)                                       Cassandra Brisson       (Gold)

Ana Micanovic             (Participation)                              Marianna De Rosa       (Silver)

Avalyn Rajabi               (Participation)                             CeCe Dasent-Smith     (Bronze)

Danielle Bronte-Tinkew  (Bronze)               

Frey Guarrasi               (Silver)                                 

Sarah Thomas             (Participation)

Alma Fulton                 (Participation)


 Star 1, Star 2, Star 3, and Star 4 – Elements

 Star 1                                                             Star 2                                                       Star 3 & 4

Abigail Ntow-Asamoah (Silver)                       Cate Wright   (Gold)                                 Jessica Ling – Star 3 (Gold)

Ana Micanovic    (Gold )                                 Cassandra Brisson (Gold)                        Sara Lupsasca – Star 4 (Silver)

Avalyn Rajabi      (Bronze)                             CeCe Dasent-Smith (Gold)

Danielle Bronte-Tinkew  (Bronze)                  Marianna De Rosa       (Silver)                        

Freya Guarrasi             (Silver)                 


Stage 4, Stage 5, and Stage 6 – Elements

Stage 4                                                   Stage 5                                                               Stage 6 

Elise Sani            (Gold)                          Charlie Gallacher-McClean   (Gold)                    Alma Fulton                                   (Silver)

Isabella Sani       (Gold)                                                                                                      Charlie Gallacher-McCLean           (Bronze)

Melanie Ku          (Silver)                                                                                                    Sarah Thomas                               (Gold)             

Nandika Nandakumar  (Bronze)             


Special O – Level 2 and Level 3 Programs

Ana Micanovic – Level 3       (Gold)

Sarah Thomas – Level 2       (Gold)


Star 1 and 2 – Longest Shoot the Duck 

Star 1                                                                        Star 2

Abigail Ntow-Asamoah          (Bronze)                     Cassandra Brisson (Gold)

Alma Fulton                          (Participation)

Avalyn Rajabi                        (Silver)               

Danielle Bronte-Tinkew         (Participation)

Freya Guarrasi                      (Gold)


Star 3 and 4 – Longest Back Spin

Sara Lupsasca – Star 4 (Gold)


Newmarket Ice Blitz Star 1-4 Competition

We had 4 skaters represent Ajax skating club in the star 2️⃣ category (Cate, Abeena, Cece and Abby)
and 1 skater represent us in the Star 3️⃣ category (Jessica)
                                                                                  Honourable mention to Cece, Abby, Jessica and Cate
                                                                                          who competed for the very first time ever!





Our mission is to offer EVERYONE that is interested in learning or looking to improve their skating skills a program that will provide fun, fitness and achievements. Our programs will promote and foster a skaters development in a fun, safe and positive environment!