STAR Skate Test Day Guidelines


In an effort to simpilify and prevent confusion we have now implimented a manditory online payment policy for all STARSkate test fees. Please click the link below to be redirected to the selection screen if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office for further assistance.

When your STARSkater is ready to be tested for a high or low test, your skater's coach will give the skater an envelope indiciating which tests are ready.  Parents go online and purchase as many test fees as the coach has indicated (usually just one test will be done at a time for younger skaters, but several tests may be done in one day for older skaters).  Parents print the receipt from their online purchase and put it in the envelope provided by the coach.  Parents return this envelope to the coach.  The coach conducts the test during a session for low tests, or on High Test Day for high tests.  Results are given to the ASC Test Chair and are submitted to Skate Canada.  Coaches give skaters a copy of thier test results.  ASC will begin recording test results on our website for reference by the skater/parents.

****Please be advised the purchase of the Test Day Hospitality fee is only required if a test is being done on a high test day, and is only required once for the day.****