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HOCKEY and RINGETTE Skating Skills


Power, speed, quickness, efficiency .... these are all the skills each hockey/ringette player requires to play the game they love.  In this class we will work on the fundamental skills and break them down.  Through proper technique, muscle memory and repetition, this program will help each player achieve their goals.  With confidence, they will skate and stride to success.
This program focuses on specific skating skills for hockey and ringette and is coached by professional Skate Canada Can-Power coaches. Lessons emphasize balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. The program will also help to increase the length of stride as well as the efficiency of forward and backward skating. 
Program Eligibility Requirements:                                                 
  • Skaters must be 6 years of age or have passed an assessment by Ajax Skating Club coaches.
  • Skaters must have completed Stage 4 of the CanSkate Program, able to move independently or have been assessed at an equivalent level by the Ajax Skating Club coaches.
  • Skaters must listen and follow directions of the coach at all times.  This is a high ratio program and there are not any assistants to provide additional supervision to skaters who are not fully participating in the program.  Skaters will be asked to leave the ice if they are disrupting the class and/or putting themselves and other skaters at risk. 

Equipment Requirements:

  • Skaters must wear full hockey or ringette gear (shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, gloves) and hockey skates.
  • Mouth guards are recommended but not required. 
  • Hockey Stick. For the first 7 week session, this class will be taught without sticks due to Covid-19. However this will be assessed regularly!
  • A CSA Certified hockey helmet is mandatory. Due to Covid-19 a helmet full face shield is highly recommended.
  • Gear is not available to rent.

Hockey/Ringette Schedule                                                                  Click Here for Full Schedule
Tuesday 6:45 - 7:35 pm 2020/2021


The ASC Board reserves the right to amend the individual session qualifications and change the posted schedule at any time, as necessary for successful operation of club programming.

Registration Fees

  Fall / Winter # of sessions
Tuesday $225 7


When registering for any ASC program, the following fees will be automatically added to your invoice:

  • ASC Administration fee $30.00 payable once per skater per skating year
  • Skate Canada mandated membership fee $44.00, payable once per skater per skating year

Sessions are priced according to number of skating days, and adjusted for all Exception Days (holidays, competitions, tournaments, etc.).

Please go to our registration page to register for the program.  If you require assistance or have further questions please feel free to visit or call the office during regular office hours.

                        Helmet/Skates Purchasing/Maintenance Tips



                                     HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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